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Hay I'm Steve, 24 and live and work in London. I've just recently been inspired by Vampifan's world of the undead. And i'm here to start my own blog and share pictures of my zombies and battle reports!

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Hello all.

Im Steve, as i said on my profile i've been inspired by Vampifan blog site and im here to do one myself.

Ok so as i dont have everything right now to start my ATZ: BZTD campaign, so no battle reports as of yet.

But what i do have is... The ATZ: BZTD rules + I, Zombies Rules.
I have around 100+ 28mm figures. They consist of zombies, survivors, police, gangsters, civilians Etc...
The terrian im going for will be paper/card buildings from World Works Games. Mayhem city. I wasnt sure if i would be able to use  WWG terrain because i tried and failed. But Vampifan gave me alot of great help and advice and as a result i almost have my first building :)

I've also just ordered the Risk and Reward cards from Two hour wargaming site plus the status markers, Action markers and Bullet markers.

I don't have much spare time on my hands because of work so i dont think i will be able to start my campaign for another 2-3 months. But what i will do untill then is to take some photos of the painted figures that i have ready, and buildings when there ready.



  1. Congratulations on taking your first step, Steve. I wish you all the best and hope your blog is a huge success.

    I'll post a link to your site on my blog.

  2. Congrats on the blog Steve. If you havent gotten it yet you may also want to pick up ATZ: Haven, it has some nice scenarios and new rules (such as handling the news media, and riots).

    The WWG terrain is nice, when I finally get around to starting my builds that will be the primary scenery for my cities, matter of fact I have a stack of various WWG Urban Mayhem buildings (and road tiles) already printed out waiting for me to get off my lazy arse and start building, only thing holding me back is lack of space to store the builds and/or set it up at right now.

    Right now is a great time to get into Zombie gaming, theres a plethora of excellent modern day miniatures on the market with new ones coming out all the time, a lot better then 10 years ago when everything was primarily fantasy or historical miniatures.

  3. Hi Steve and welcome to the world of zed-blogging. Sounds like you are starting from a very similar position to mine. I wish you luck and, most of all, fun! If there's anyway I can help, just ask! My efforts are here:

  4. Welcome to this little corner of the zomblogosphere Steve. You're in safe hands...driping with viral blood. :)

    Just ordered the Litko tokens myself, after realising how much easier it should be to write ATZ bet-reps with them.

    Doug's advice about the game's mechanics is sound. For some, ATZ can have a couple of rather counter-intuitive mechanics - depends on what systems you might already have played. Once you get your head around those it is a great set of rules.

    2-3 months should be enought time. For your first game, you'll probably be fine with:

    3 by 3 gaming board
    4-5 buildings
    a couple of street furniture bits (skips, phone boxes, walls, fences etc.)
    a few cars
    2-3 survivors
    20-40 zombies

    Others might suggest a tweak or two on the above.

    Take it easy, find your own pace and do a little at a time. Your set will grow quicker than you think if you do little and often. 5 minutes before/after work, de-flashing minis at lunchtime (my personal fave) a night or two a week and a full day every weekend or so.

    Lastly. Sleep in the day, move only at night, go only where you think others won't and remember, you never have to reload a machete. :)

  5. @ Doug. Mate i know the feeling, i had everything printed out also just sitting there, glad i got that help from vampifan or it would have been a massive waste, I got a load of road tiles done today, its was a pain in the arse but a good feeling knowing that i dont need to do that many again, maybe the odd one hear and there but nothing major.

    Yea your right about the zombie figures out there now, really amazing models. I personaly love Studio Miniatures, i have almost all there figures, just a couple of survivors i didnt buy. When i ordered my figures i got all of them together so it was a big order and i asked if i could have a couple of extra zombies in the body bags, i said i would pay the extra but he would have none of it and put them in for free, really great guys over there at Studio Miniatures.

    @ cmnash. I will no doubt take you up on that offer of help lol thanks. Oh and ive been looking at your blog for ages now i just didnt follow, im really new to all this, but im following officially now ;)

    @ Zombie Ad. Thanks so much for the advice, everything you and everyone else is saying is really helping. A big lol at your last comment....Love it!!!

    To everyone...

    Been thinking alot about everything to do with the game, everything is starting to come together now and it wont be long before im here posting Day 1..... and it really got me thinking, dam what am i going to do??? I have a little plan of things to do on day one, for example, pick up a friend, go get food, ammo and transport. But then what.... I do know this.... you may think im crazy but i intend to stay in the city (urban area)... i know thats just asking for trouble... like that film I AM LEGAND. Its going to be my very own GROUND ZERO... oh by the way... can that film sort of full into the zombie category? Im not sure it does but anyway, thats what im thinking of doing.

    Im also basing my figure as close to my real life as possible. Thing is this dragged up questions. I have military experience, so really my figure should maybe start as rep 4 or 5 and use the military reation tests but i really dont want to do that, i wanted to start as a rep 3 civilian... One for the challenge and two because i can see from everyones blogs how rewarding it is to watch your figure grow and rep up.

    Whats your thoughts?

    Cheers to everyone for your help, advice and comments.


  6. I admire your decision to stay in an urban area as long as possible. You won't be short of action, that's for sure!

    I Am Legend could be classed as a zombie film but in truth is more a vampire film.

    Given your military background you could start off your character as Rep:4, but I think Rep:5 would be too high. Starting out at Rep:3 is risky but as you said, gives you a great sense of achievement when you do advance in experience. Personally, I don't think anyone would begrudge you for starting at Rep:4.