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Hay I'm Steve, 24 and live and work in London. I've just recently been inspired by Vampifan's world of the undead. And i'm here to start my own blog and share pictures of my zombies and battle reports!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

One step closer

Ok so i got my Risk and Reward cards plus all the counters the other day.

Everything looks great, cant wait to use them.

I cant find the cable for my camera so im useing my iphone, im ganna hold off on taking pictures of my figures untill i find it or buy another.


  1. The Risks and Rewards cards are well worth having, the counters less so, but they are handy to have. If you're as big a fan of ATZ as I am, you'll want them anyway. A good tip for your counters is to find a white wax crayon to rub over the numbers and words. It makes reading what's on the counters a lot easier.

  2. I have to concur with Bryan about the Risk and Rewards Deck, it is definitely worth having, especially since it eliminates some of the additional dice rolling and having to refer to different tables to see whats in the building.

    The counters are nice, not a necessity, but they do help add some visual appeal to your games since they look 1000 times better then using slips of paper as action/status/shots fired tokens. They are also great for BatReps since you can see what they are better in the pics then if you used slips of paper with the status written on them. The white wax crayon does help improve the counters readability, the first thing I did with all my tokens was take the white crayon to them.

    Good luck on your first game, a little tip, before you actually play it test out some of the mechanics such as ranged combat, melee, etc.. with two survivor/ganger/military figures then replace one with a zombie. Once you have a hang of how one on one combat with human v. human and human v. zombie works, add another figure or two to the test mix to get an idea how combat against a group works. After this you should be ready for your first full game of ATZ.

  3. Damn Steve, I had the same problem! I wanted to start taking piccies for my blog and couldn't find the camera cable! But I found mine in the end - I just hope you are as lucky!

    Interesting to see you went for the printed copies of the rules. I just got the pdfs myself. Is the layout/font the same in the printed copies as it is in the pdfs?

  4. @Doug. Yea i was thinking about doing that, up to this point all i have done is read the rules, theres so much to take in and remember. I have a couple of days off work soon so im ganna give the game mechanics a run through as you said, Cheers.

    @ cmnash. I didnt get the printed rules mate, i got the pdf's and printed them out. Still no luck with the cable, im ganna take some pics with my iphone, its not as good but maybe it will do for now i guess.

  5. Steve- Dont sweat using a phone. over on my Blog the latest photos I have posted (not sure which ones right off the top of my head, though I believe its starting with some of the Ebbles Miniatures card stock models on) have all been with my phone, a Motorola Droid. I will probably be using my phone for most my pics since I can easily upload them straight to Googles Picasa service then access those straight from my blog (and phone via Googles Blogger App) since my phone is one of the Google Android phones and its linked to my Google account.

  6. Yea your right Doug, the pics ive taken so far im fairly happy with even though they came off my iphone and the iphone camera really sucks. I remember having a phone about 4 years ago that had a better camera than this iphone lol

    Im going to keep useing my phone untill i find my cable or sort somthing else out.

    I want to keep posting as often as i can, i dont want people to lose interest and stop visting my blog.

  7. Just to clarify a point, there is no difference in content or layout between the PDF version and printed copy of any THW product. I tend to buy the printed copy and get the PDF sent as a freebie.

  8. Depending on the camera, the cable should be easy to replace, most cameras now use the USB cables with a Mini-B plug on the end that you plug into the camera, these can readily be found in most larger electronics stores (like Best Buy here int he US) or even smaller ones (like Radio Shack here int he US), along with most computer parts stores that are decently stocked.

    Dont worry about people losing interest, at least me. I have you on my list of Blogs to check out regularly (at least once every couple days if not more often), plus since I am a follower of this blog it shows up on my Blogger Dashboards Reading list so I know when you have updated with a new post.

  9. EhilĂ !! First of all I would like to say welcome in the Blog community!! As a long time silent lurker of the other blogs I would like to wish you the best with yours!
    I can tell you one thing, knowing that people will look at your work (and not only the close friends/usual wargamer pals) is an excellent motivation to improve and to complete a project (especially in my case, at least ;P )...
    Keep up the good work!!! ;)

  10. cool, they look great,i have to order some soon