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Hay I'm Steve, 24 and live and work in London. I've just recently been inspired by Vampifan's world of the undead. And i'm here to start my own blog and share pictures of my zombies and battle reports!

Monday, 21 March 2011


Hello Chaps,

Just thought i would take a few pictures of what i have in regards to terrian. The 3 pictures is everything from WWG that is already to go. Of course its still not enough to get a 3x3 game going but it gives you an idea of what stange im at.

Ok so this is my TerrianlinX Armoury. If you was to build the whole thing it would be massive. But im not going to build the whole thing at this stage. I think i do have enough to make a small armoury at this point and im happy with that.

Ok next up is my road tiles. Theres not enough at the moment but i think i did good to do every tile you see in this picture in just 1 day. Im not going to fool anyone, it was a pain in the arse but i have to admit it was well worth it. If you have doubts about useing WWG terrian then i dont blame you but if you put in the time and effort it really is rewarding. I really would recommend useing WWG terrian to everyone.
In this last pictures i have all sorts of bits and bobs, from vans to benchs to dust bins. Everything you see in this pictures was very easy to build. Im really big on all the little things like these, they really add that extra realism to your game. I would hate to enter a house and there be nothing inside, just an empty room. I think Vampifan would agree with me, every bat rep he does i always love to see how he has laid out all the little things in houses. And i think somthing as simple as a vending machine outside a shop, you may think nothing of it, but if you think about it, that vending machine may just save you if you use it as cover.
So i intend to build loads more little things like you can see in this picture.

Ok well thanks for taking the time to look at my pictures and read what i had to say, all comments good or bad i welcome, i really wont take offence to anyway bad comments, i see it as advice and thats somthing i need alot of right now so please feel free to say what you think.

Cheers lads and i hope to show you some of my figures next time.


  1. I made a load of roads from the WWG sets but the first time i tried to put them together i had real problems with the tabs ... so i've given up on them, but not found something else to use yet

    How have you found the terrain linx buildings? do they assemble and disassemble easily enough?

  2. Steve, I know better than anyone else how much you have struggled to get to grips with terrain building but what you have shown here just impresses the hell out of me. I have no criticisms to make only fully deserved praise. Many congratulations!

    It is true that street furniture and indoor furniture make a big difference. They help bring your gaming board to life. It's so often the little things that help create the illusion that you are gaming somewhere real. It looks to me that you're on the right track. Keep up the good work!

  3. Nice, very nice work. Fill the streets with lot of things that will slow down thoses damn zeds !

  4. Looking good so far Steve. Soon you will have yourself a section of the city to infect with the Z-Virus. I have notices you are going with the TLX system, nice choice. I myself am unfortunately stuck with WWG's older Urban Mayhem sets at the moment (though they are still excellent sets, just not as modular as the TLX system). Most my bulds have all be of various Ebbles Miniatures vehicles and the Ebbles Folding Unit Structure System (for use as a Military outpost/Refugee Center) and some of the interior props form the Ebbles Archive DVD (now unfortunately out of print).

  5. Nice stuff mate and good progress, I am looking forward to seeing your painted miniatures, I jumped on your band wagon and am now following :)

  6. Looking good Sir. Great progress. Keep up the good work.

  7. There ya go, now just a few minis and you're ready to start. Don't be afraid to throw up some small games while working on your projects. Sometimes the little games are the funnest.

  8. Nice progress mate. I really have to get my behind in gear and make some buildings as well....