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Hay I'm Steve, 24 and live and work in London. I've just recently been inspired by Vampifan's world of the undead. And i'm here to start my own blog and share pictures of my zombies and battle reports!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Really sorry

Hay guys,

Really sorry about this, i said i would be back posting in 2 weeks and as you can see ive not posted in awhile.

My job has change, im still working within the same company but in a different role, so now im on call, so im never at the same place and never sure when ive got a day off, so this has effected my zombie painting and building alot.

So much so that since my last post in april ive not had the chance to do a single thing.

So just wanted to update you all on whats going on, i dont wanna say when i might post again because i have no idea, but please keep checking back, i dont wanna lose any follows just as ive got going.